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All of the pics shown are watercolor on 100% cotton watercolor board.

Portrait paintings have memorialized loved ones through out history. Today, though portraits are still commissioned by governments, corporations, groups and clubs, it is individual portraits that many are choosing to preserve their loved ones and cherished moments. Though many artists may choose to capture their subject in an impressionistic fashion, it's photographic realism that I strive for. I work from photographs, and my primary goal is to capture the essence of the individual. There is no better way to memorialize your loved one, to remember a time gone by. I strive for dynamic lighting and good composition as well, to make your portrait a decorative piece that will enhance any atmosphere and one that can be past down to future generations. I use only the finest materials and paints that make your portrait a timeless treasure. There is no better way to say "I Love You" than to capture them in portraiture.

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