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...are complicated business. It's more than a cute design. Your logo may be used in a wide variety of situations on any number of substrates, from business cards to outdoor signage to vehicles. I have over 24 years of sign experience and know what it takes to maintain integrity with your logo & image.

Whether you are defining a corporate identity, logos, logotypes, corporate literature, instituting an intranet, extranet, putting your business online or developing a web site - good design is crucial to translating your ideas and image in the most professional way possible. Your corporate identity is the first impression your potential customers see. Your presentation is a visual ambassador for your business or organization.

I understand that your company or organization has a distinct personality, individual qualities and services. I strive to translate your values and vision into a professional, unique presentation that best communicates your message and secures your goals. This is no place for generic off the shelf graphics, concepts and themes. I have the talent, expertise and experience to help you with your design challenge.

Wayne McMichael


Vidalia, GA 30474


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