The Gravity Particle

The Process


Infinite Wave Theory quantifies gravity, defines the graviton. Infinite Wave Theory doesn't require (actually accounts for) dark matter, dark energy and does not need singularities, membranes or anything else unverifiable. It explains an expanding, accelerating expansion universe, defines gravity as having properties of wave and particle, reconciles gravity with string theory or M theory, and may inspire a new version of it. It works with everything we already know. It mimics other things we are familiar with, the fractal effect. The micro is the macro. We exist within a particle of gravity. It's not small, it's huge; larger than anyone has dared to think. Gravity is the Aether, it IS the so called "God Particle". Gravity, the Particle. There was no Big Bang and the universe is infinite, had no beginning and will have no end. Cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation, is a process not an effect or echo. The best way to explain it is through the illustration below. It is the wave action of gravity that causes the universe to expand and contract. We are in the part of the wave where the expansion is increasing in speed. The particle property of the gravity wave accounts for dark matter and the wave action accounts for dark energy.

Big Bang can not be reconciled and cannot explain the excellerating expansion of the universe, but that excellerating expansion is easily explained with IWT, as are black holes, dark matter, dark energy, (CMB) and the perceived weaknes of gravity... Occam's Razor

Black Holes- Think of black holes as cosmic dust devils or hurricanes in reverse. But where does the matter and energy go that falls into the black hole? Possibly becomes the particle and energy of the Graviton/Gravity. We know that matter is popping in and out of existence all the time. If that's true, it describes the universe as an infinitely large, isolated system, in regards to conservation of energy. The Process.

The basis of this theory came to me in about 1998 the first time I heard that the universe was not only expanding but that the rate of expansion was increasing. I instantly recognized that as a segment of a sin wave, or in this case a gravity wave, and Infinite Wave Theory was born. It took me a few years to figure out what kind of force could have such a significant effect on the whole universe.


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